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  • Can I order a drawing for my partner or friend?
    Absolutely! Most of our customers commission such a tailor-made drawing, in order to give it as a very special gift to their loved one.
  • Is it also possible to use a fictitious character as a template instead of a real person?
    Absolutely. It doesn't necessarily have to be a drawing of you or a real existing person. Many customers have their game avatar, their favorite comic character, their OC or their favorite actress drawn. Also, representations with themselves and their favorite character are often desired. We're curious to see what you have in mind!
  • Will the complete drawing be an individual made-to-measure?
    Yes! Each drawing is an individual production and is made from the first to the last line only for you.
  • Can I influence content and look?
    If you order a drawing from us, it will be drawn by Marie Sann in the typical Rebel Berries style. But the content of the motif will be adapted to your wishes and you can wish for things like favorite colors, specific items or dresses and the like. Before the drawing process starts, there is an intensive exchange with the artist herself via e-mail.
  • May the content be of an explicit nature?
    We are open for soft erotic content. What we strictly reject, however, are misogynistic depictions, content glorifying violence and depictions of children and animals in sexual acts.
  • How much does it cost?
    We offer three different plans, which mean different grades of expenditure in the creation and with it different prices. Please scroll up to get to the product option to see the exact prices.
  • How can I order my desired drawing?
    Choose one of the three plans listed further up and make the purchase. We will then get in touch with you immediately to discuss the next steps in the creation of your individual design.
  • In what form do I receive the finished artwork?
    You will get your drawing as a high resolution PNG file. During the ordering process, you can also choose to have it sent directly to your home as a framed print. So if you want to gift it as a physical print anyway, that would be a very relaxed option.
  • How long does the production take?
    Please allow two weeks for the drawing process. Since we have many inquiries (especially before the holidays), with this we are on the safe side. Attention: If you additionally decide for a printed, framed version of your artwork, please plan another two weeks extra for production and safe shipping.
  • What happens to the photos I'd send you for reference?
    Your photo serves us exclusively as a template for the drawing. We will treat it confidentially and delete the file after completion of your drawing.
  • What if I don't like the result?
    So far it has never happened that a customer was dissatisfied. But, of course, we want you to be happy. We will make adjustments to your artwork until you are completely satisfied.
  • Am I free to use the finished drawing like I want?
    The artwork may only be used privately. If you have plans for commercial use, please send us a message. We will then calculate the extra costs for it. Please understand that commercial use without prior agreement with us is illegal and will be prosecuted!
  • May I publish the artwork?
    You can present it on your social media pages and also use it as an avatar if you like. Of course we would be happy if you want to link us (@rebelberries). We especially like to see a photo of you presenting the printed artwork. This we would gladly share on our own social media platforms and link to your profile. Not allowed is: to impersonate the creator of the work or use it commercially.
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